The Dieli Murawka Howe Design Process

Design is a non-linear process. It is an adaptive process between you, the user, the design team and the environment. Good design focuses on the concept. Great design focuses on the the success of the concept.

DMH undertakes the task of blending Form and Function into a design that actually works on site. We question how the design and concept integrate with Budget, Equipment Selection, Food Costs and  Labor Costs.

Throughout the design process you are supported with information on the design elements including equipment, budgets, station design (labor) and culinary capabilities (food cost control). To help bring life to the design concepts, you are also provided with a written narrative and budget along with the drawing documents.

DMH integrates with the Architectural Team. All of our work will pass the scrutiny of Local, State and National Health and Building Plan Check and Inspection. DMH documents (plans and specifications) also integrate with the Design Teams' submittal process to OSHPD and DSA.

DMH's drawing documents are considered the most thorough and detailed food service design documents in the country. Why is that important to you? Better details in the documents assure you that the design on paper gets built to the standards set up in the design process and help control costs once the project has begun.

Design is only the start of DMH's commitment to you. We personally walk the projects during and after construction to ensure the contractor provides what was designed and specified (Construction Oversight and Administration). We follow up with your food service team confirming the equipment is operating and is being used properly. DMH is thoroughly committed to the success of your design.

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