DMH FOODSERVICE DESIGN & CONSULTING’s design focus is on the Institutional Foodservice segments. Over the years we have provided design and construction oversight to all elements of foodservice design for Education facilities from pre-K through College and University, Healthcare Facilities, Country Clubs, Prisons and Corporate Cafeterias.

DMH can also provide support to the end user through Management Advisory Consulting venues. These include preparing Feasibility Studies and Basis of Design Studies. Our core staff includes: Richard V. Dieli, FCSI, MA, MBA – President; Jeff Murawka – Vice President Production; Amy Dieli – Project Coordinator; Cindi Dieli – Survey Lead;  Raul Gomez – Project Manager.

Although there is no licensing requirement for an Institutional Foodservice Designer, for over 20 years DIELI MURAWKA HOWE has actively supported and maintained Professional Membership status in the Food Service Consultant Society International (FCSI). This is the Benchmark Professional organization for Foodservice Design Consultants to stay current with design and food trends.  Maintaining a Professional Membership requires Continuing Educational Units and Accredited Factory Education tours annually to provide tangible knowledge and understanding of the food service equipment we specify.  It also means that we don’t take spec credit for manufacturers that we specify.  For our clients this means that when we specify a piece of equipment our choices are made on the basis of quality, performance and reliability!