DMH’s Commitment to Safety

At DMH we’re acutely aware of the health concerns around the current COVID-19 pandemic.  Our Firm is addressing this critical issue in every way possible to ensure the utmost safety for our clients and our staff.  We follow all state mandated guidelines and when required to meet our clients in person we wear masks at all times, maintain proper social distancing procedures and are sure to wash our hands often.  When handwashing facilities aren’t readily accessible, we carry hand sanitizer for on the spot protection.  Further, we at DMH have been keeping up with new protective equipment now available within the Foodservice Industry to ensure your kitchens and serveries are safe for staff and those being served alike.   We look forward to a time when COVID-19 will no longer be on the forefront of everyone’s minds and we can go back to life as it used to be but until then, DMH is doing everything we can to minimize risk for everyone.  Stay Safe!!