Amy Dieli

Amy Dieli is the Project Coordinator at DMH and has been with the Firm for over 6 years.  Though her first job was with DMH filing and tearing cutsheets out of manufacturer catalogs in 1986 she moved on to pursue her college degrees and attain real world experience in a variety of professions.  Amy’s varied background in retail, hospitality and the veterinary industry give her a unique vantage point that allows her to see Design from both an insiders viewpoint and the end users perspective.  Over the past 6 years Amy has transitioned from working as an Administrative Assistant to Specification Writer, Project Coordinator and Assistant Survey writer. As Project Coordinator for the Firm Amy ensures we’re on track for all project phases and that communication between our team and our clients is open and productive.  Her eye for detail and strong organizational skills are an invaluable asset to the Firm.  Amy’s goal is to continue her Father’s work in the Foodservice Industry, focusing on client satisfaction and building our reputation as a Premier West Coast Foodservice Design Firm.  When not writing budgets, specs and schedules Amy can be found working on her 1.3 acre property on any number of DIY projects and spending time with her beloved pets.